Thursday, 6 August 2009

Gig Listings August 3 - 9

Thursday 6 August
Where? Buffalo Bar
How much? £5

Multi-instrumentalist and all-round nice guy Rob Jones brings his one-man band to town to celebrate the imminent release of his debut album, ‘The Voluntary Butler Scheme At Breakfast, Dinner, Tea', which is available later this month.

As you might expect of an act called The Voluntary Butler Scheme, both words and music display a quintessentially British eccentricity, as demonstrated in the instantly memorable singles, Multiplayer and Tobasco Sole.

But Jones is not simply re-treading the well-worn path of The Beatles and The Kinks, as he incorporates a broad spectrum of sounds coloured by the motown funk of the Jackson 5 and the sunny psychedelia of the Beach Boys, resulting in the musical equivalent of a stroll through a field of rainbows.

The incessant childlike innocence may leave some listeners scrambling for the nearest Crass record, but if you like your music cutesy and charming in equal measures, this is for you.

For fans of: Sweet Baboo, Badly Drawn Boy, Noah & The Whale, early Of Montreal

The Voluntary Butler Scheme MySpace

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