Wednesday, 16 September 2009

September 16

Doors: 8:00pm
Where? The Globe, off Albany Road
How much? £10

‘Mad pop scientist’ Spencer Krug has a lot in common with Final Fantasy’s Owen Pallett. Both are wildly prolific; perform under several guises and share a penchant for delivering abstract imagery via eccentric vocals. Now Krug follows hot on the heels of his fellow Cannuck by performing at one of Cardiff's newest music venues.

Sunset Rubdown’s arrangements are often more complex and multi-layered than Krug’s other work with Wolf Parade, Swan Lake and Frog Eyes, as each track resembles a mini opera with numerous gear changes and directional shifts, deliberately confounding listeners’ expectations. The results usually sound like a cacophonous maelstrom which blows the cobwebs away, which shouldn't be a problem in the (relatively) luxurious surroundings of The Globe.

The band somehow manages to tip-toe the tightrope between challenging art-rock and instant accessibility, satisfying both casual listeners and those looking to venture deeper into their murky world. Why not take a stroll into the unknown tonight?

For fans of: Final Fantasy, Destroyer, Wolf Parade, Animal Collective

Sunset Rubdown Myspace

OR you could always go to experience the glorious noise-pop of Times New Viking at Buffalo - you really can't go wrong.

For fans of: No Age, Wavves, Japandroids

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