Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Gig Listings July 13 - 29

Tuesday 14 July
Where? Barfly
How much? £5

On this blog I'd like to recommend bands that are worth making the effort to see even if you're likely to get soaked on the way to the venue. On this barren gig week in Cardiff, however, I'm struggling to find such inspiration.

As those of you who care about the intracacies of camera functionality will know, a flash gun is the device that sets off a flashbulb simultaneously with the opening of the camera shutter. Despite pretensions of being a literate, intelligent indie band, (they cite Shakespeare and Darwin as influences), London four-piece Flashguns are about as interesting as the piece of kit they are named after.

Although they've tried to tamper with the fomula, it's all too easy to compare them to the straight-ahead indie bands that dominated Radio One's daytime playlists a couple of years ago, until, mercifully, some respectble and glamorous artists with pop sensibilities (enter La Roux and Little Boots) saved us from death-by-banality. Gone are the days of major label A&R men stalking the toilet venues of central London in search of bands with angular riffs and hair cuts who could be 'the next big thing'.

As Franz Ferdinand, The Futureheads et al scramble in vain to remain relevant by adding extra synths to their tired compositions, surely it's time someone gives Flashguns a tap on the shoulder and whispers 'Sorry guys, it's over.'

HOWEVER, if you're going to Hammertime clubnight afterwards, get in early and they'll give you something to tap your feet to while you wait for the cheap drinks offers to start.

For fans of: The Maccabees, Mumm-Ra, Dogs Die In Hot Cars

Flashguns Myspace

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